Avast voucher code for Android (free)

Do you want to buy the package of Avast premium features? You can save up to 60% using coupons and promo codes. Let’s find out what free voucher codes you may use for your Android device!

Voucher code: What is it?

A voucher code (also called a discount, coupon or promo code) is basically an alphanumeric character set (most often, with the use of hyphens) which a customer may use to get a per-determined discount on certain services and products. Discounts in such promo offers may range from 5% to 80%. As a customer, you are able to utilize just 1 coupon code per financial operation.

Why may you need a voucher code?

To put it simply, the only reason why you may need a voucher code is saving money on your purchase. Just enter it while buying the product, and the price will be reduced automatically.

Avast voucher codes for Android (free)

How to get a promo code

You have 2 options: you may either visit coupon-specialized websites and find a coupon code for Avast Android software, or use a code shared by another customer. Make sure the code is not expired (as a rule, voucher codes are active for a few months at most).

Are there any legit voucher codes for Android?

Yes, there are. But you should be really careful with the websites offering promo codes. If you are asked to provide your banking information, personal data, or something except e-mail address, avoid such deals. It is definitely a scam!

Personally, we would like to recommend the Coupon Follow website. It offers voucher codes for different Avast products including SecureLine VPN, Avast Premier, Avast Mobile Security, Internet Security software, and many more. There are discounts ranging from 5% to 60%.

What may you use voucher codes for?

Currently, using voucher codes, you can receive a discount up to 50% on Avast Mobile Security and SecureLine VPN which are both available for Android devices.

How to use Avast voucher codes for Android apps

To buy certain features in already installed software on the Android device, open the app and allow it complete access to your smartphone/tablet. Then, navigate to the option menu (a three-dot symbol in the upper-right corner) and select the Premium Account section. There would be the list of premium features and the sign saying Purchase now. Tap on it. You will be forwarded to the Avast official page where you can proceed with purchasing. Under the online form, you will see the “Use a coupon/activation/voucher code” sign. Tap on it, and enter your voucher code (do not forget about hyphens). You will get a discount on Premium account features for your app.

As far as we know, it is not possible to use voucher codes installing Avast apps for Android through Google Play Store as there are no Premium versions available. The only way you can use a promo code is utilizing it after installing a free application.

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