Bitdefender Vs Avast

To ensure the confidentiality of the information stored on personal computers, users are puzzled by the questions: which antivirus to choose, what advantages or disadvantages does one or another antivirus product have. We will conduct a comparative analysis of the functions provided, take a closer look at the two best antivirus programs, namely Avast and Bitdefender, and evaluate how convenient it is to configure them and, in fact, use them.

Few words about Avast Antivirus

In order to download the free antivirus from Avast, you must follow the link provided, on the page that opens you can see the inscription “More than 400 million users” – which, you see, is not small. Scrolling the page almost to the bottom you can find a comparative table of all versions of this anti-virus product, from which it can be clearly seen that there is nothing more than the virus detection and removal module in the free version. That is, the firewall will have to be installed third-party, or leave the native, built-in Windows.

When the user downloads this program, he will see that the anti-virus kernel is presented in the form of three screens: the file system screen (scans files and programs when opening and closing), the main screen and the web screen (partially acting as a firewall).

Of the minuses can be noted the presence of advertising on the main page and in many tabs of the program, which can not be called annoying. There are no pop-up windows on the floor of the screen with suggestions to upgrade to the paid version, which is very encouraging.

It is worth noting that after installation you will need to register, otherwise you can only use the antivirus for 30 days. But after registration, you can get a license for at least a year, and then only once a year it will need to be renewed (in theory, a license can be renewed an unlimited number of times).

Bitdefender Overview

Genius, as we know, lies in simplicity. Therefore, it can be said that simplicity is the motto of the American product called Bitdefender. The seeming simplicity of the interface actually hides a very impressive ability to detect and eliminate all sorts of threats.

According to the developers, this antivirus uses a combination of cloud scanning and behavioral analysis, which allows it to detect and neutralize new and even unknown threats faster than others. Moreover, the antivirus works as if unnoticeable for the user, only occasionally showing him text notifications, for example, about successful scanning, detected threat, update, etc. This is definitely a “Smart and silent” antivirus that just does its job.

Final Verdict

In our humble opinion, it is impossible to compare these two antiviruses. The fact is, truly good software has qualities such as:

  • reliability
  • availability
  • clear interface
  • efficiency
  • upgradeability

What actually applies to these two products. Avast is chosen because it is accessible and easy to use, while Bitdefender has the same qualities, just without this popularity.

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